!CLOS! Fostering Days Partie II : Développer son idée

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27 Mai (matin), Developing a Successful ERC Grant Proposal

In this workshop for ERC Starting and Consolidator applicants we will discuss some key elements of drafting an initial project idea for a competitive proposal, taking into account the ERC objectives and evaluation criteria. Please note that this workshop is a follow-up of the general ERC workshop held in Grenoble in March 2019. If you are not familiar with the evaluation criteria for scientific or scholarly excellence in general, we advise you to read pages 1-19 of the ERC guide ‘Information for Applicants’ for Starting/Consolidator call 2019.

In this half-day workshop we will examine how to develop a project idea addressing the ERC objectives and evaluation criteria. The ERC evaluation criteria applied by the panels use terms which have become familiar jargon, such as important challenge, novel concept, scientific approach and feasibility. Most of these terms are also used by other funding agencies but they are interpreted and applied differently. This workshop consists of 5 individual tasks including a general discussion aimed at helping you to develop a project idea into a competitive ERC grant. The individual assignments will enable you to understand what panels are looking for in view of the topic chosen, how panel members assess and select project proposals and how you can convey important information to the reviewers.

Homework before the workshop: In order to take full advantage of this workshop, the participants should ideally have drafted in advance a 1 page project idea. This project idea should provide the reader with a clear understanding of the objectives of the research proposal, how they will be achieved and what will be the scientific or scholarly impact. If you did not manage to draft a project idea in advance, then you can use the time allocated for the first task to write a 1 page project idea.

Individual tasks during the workshop:
In the first assignment (Task 1) your project idea will be used to assess whether it is a potential ERC project idea or needs to be adapted to the ERC objectives. The outcome of this first task will form the basis for the next four individual tasks, taking into account the disciplines and ERC panel(s) chosen by you.
Tasks 2 to 4 will focus on key elements of project selection for step 2 and funding, leading to new knowledge in science and scholarship.
Task 5 will focus on generating a roadmap for writing, talking with colleagues and pre-reviewing after the workshop till the deadline. We will discuss the implication of chosen panel(s) and discipline differences for the focus and content of the proposed research. In addition, the panel specifics for providing evidence of feasibility of the proposed scientific or scholarly approach will be discussed.

/Lieu : Maison Minatec, 1er étage, Chrome 1, 3 parvis Louis Néel, Grenoble

/Horaires : 09h00-12h30

/Session en Anglais

/Réservations : ICI

27 Mai (après-midi) ou 28 Mai (journée) ou 29 Mai (Matin), RDV individuel pour discuter du projet

/Lieu : Maison Minatec, 1ier étage, salle Phosphore, 3 parvis Louis Néel, Grenoble

/Horaires : créneau d’une heure à reserver parmi les horaires disponibles

/RDV en Anglais

Attention ! Réservations : Tous les créneaux sont complets ! Merci de nous contacter par mail pour nous faire savoir votre souhait et que nous organisions d’autres RDV (skype,..)

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