H2020 NCP Info: Funding for European and International Science Networks

On November 19th 2015, the ANR opened its second call for proposals to set up European and international science networks (first call opened in May). This initiative, known as MRSEI, aims to facilitate French researcher access to European funding programs, … Read More

!OVER! Writing Workshop: Writing Your MSCA Innovative Training Network Proposal

A new workshop for researchers and European project leaders! Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA) are now part of the FOSTERING program. We will be providing Grenoble science teams with the opportunity to participate in a workshop dedicated to writing MSCA … Read More

!OVER! FOSTERING 2015 Event – Fostering Scientific Excellence in Grenoble

SUPPORT FOR RESEARCHERS: FOSTERING SCIENTIFIC EXCELLENCE IN GRENOBLE The Université de Grenoble Alpes, the Nanosciences Foundation and the GIANT alliance will be organizing a three day event for researchers to learn about the Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions (MSCA), Future and … Read More

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ERC NCP Info: Overview of 2014 ERC Participation

A total of 125 candidates hosted by French institutions received ERC Starting, Consolidator or Advanced grants in 2014. The ERC National Contact Point has published a report summarizing France’s participation the 2014 ERC calls for proposals. The 2014 ERC calls … Read More

ERC NCP Info: 2016 Work Program

ERC NCP Info On July 29th 2015, the European Research Council (ERC) published the 2016 work program outlining future calls for proposals. This work program was validated by the European Commission on July 28th, 2015. Compared to the 2014 work … Read More

National Contact Point ERC Information: Summary of Prep Session for ERC 2015 Consolidator Grant Oral Interviews

On July 6th 2015, the ERC National Contact Point (NCP) organized an event to help candidates prepare their interviews for the second phase of the 2015 Consolidator grant selection process. Candidates called for interviews will have to present their project … Read More


Under the FOSTERING framework, the Université de Grenoble Alpes, the Nanosciences Foundation and the GIANT alliance will be organizing an information day in collaboration with the National Contact Points for ERC, FET and MSCA programs. The event will provide information … Read More

Laurent Blanchoin

Host Institution : CNRS Laboratory : BIG Call to project : Advanced (LS3) Project name : AAA – Adaptive Actin Architectures Amount :  2.35 M€ Description :  Although we have extensive knowledge of many important processes in cell biology, including information on many of the molecules involved … Read More

Jérôme Bouvier

Host Institution : CNRS Laboratory : IPAG Call to project : Advanced (PE9) Project name : SPIDI – Star-Planet-Inner Disk Interactions : unveiling the formation and evolution of inner planetary systems Amount :  M€ Description : 

Cecilia Ceccarelli

            Host Institution : UGA Laboratory : IPAG Call to project : Advanced (PE9) Name of the project : DOC – The Dawn of Organic Chemistry Amount : 2.45 M€ Description :  Terrestrial life is based on organic chemistry, on … Read More