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We're here to help you manage the information explosion! We found that scientists do not have all the information, or at least the relevant information, concerning research funding programs and in particular European programs. General information days take place according to the call schedule and in connection with the national contact point (PCN). A communication associating all the partners accompanies these different events.

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Apply for an ERC Starting or Consolidator grant to carry out your ambitious scientific project in a Grenoble research laboratory! For whom and why? You are a post-doctoral researcher or a young researcher between 2 and 12 years of experience … Read More

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!CLOSED! FOSTERING CLASS 2023 for MSCA-PF fellowships

Apply for a Marie Skłodowska-Curie individual fellowship with a Grenoble research team! For whom and why? You are a post-doctoral researcher or a young researcher (fellow) with less than 8 years of experience since obtaining your PhD, and you wish … Read More

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The programme has been running for 10 years! A decade of accompanying researchers and their laboratories in the process of applying for competitive calls for projects. The context of the pandemic in 2020 and the successive confinements have not been … Read More

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!CLOSED! Fostering Days Part II : Developing Ideas

May 27th (morning), Developing a Successful ERC Grant Proposal In this workshop for ERC Starting and Consolidator applicants we will discuss some key elements of drafting an initial project idea for a competitive proposal, taking into account the ERC objectives … Read More

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!CLOSED! Fostering Days Part I : Ideas / Agenda

TWO DAY AGENDA Depending on your “academic age” and your topic, please choose your sessions carefully ! For instance, I am a SHS researcher with a PhD defended 5 years ago (Starting), so we advise you to attend the whole … Read More

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!CLOSED! Fostering Days of December 2018

During the Fostering days of December, different supports are planned over three days to prepare an ERC proposal ! Please find below more details : These sessions will take place in Grenoble (Maison Minatec) from  the 10th to the 13th … Read More

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