[CLOSED] EVENT 26/06/2023: How to develop your research project idea?

How to develop YOUR research project idea 26th June, 2023 09h15 batiment IMAG 700 avenue centrale 38400 Saint Martin d'Hères (2)

You are ready to take the NEXT steps towards transforming your idea into reality

Learn how to develop a project idea that effectively addresses the objectives and evaluation criteria set forth by the ERC. For that, you will have tasks before and during the workshop that will enable you to go deep into topics such as the Concept development, Results & Impacts, CV & Panel selection, Feasibility of the approach, Roadmap built by the PI, and more.

This is an exclusive event where invitation and registration will be sent directly by email, however if you wish to take part and you have not yet been contacted, please contact us.



How to develop your research project idea?


Bâtiment IMAG

700 avenue centrale

38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères


9h15-9h30: Coffee/Tea welcome

9h30-10h: Introduction by Fostering Science

10h-10h45: ERC in a nutshell (plenary)

10h45-11h30: Concept Development (workshop 1)

11h30-12h00: Results & Impact (workshop 2)

13:30-14h15: CV & Panel selection (workshop 3)

14h15-15h15: Feasibility of the approach (workshop 4)

15h15-15h30: Break

15h30-16h15: Roadmap built by PI for the next steps (workshop 5)

16h15-16h30: Remote Clinic bookings for next steps if needed



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