[CLOSED] EVENT 27/06/2023: How to develop a research project idea for SSH topics?

How to develop a research project idea for SSH topic

Competitive grants are waiting for you!

Unlock the potential of your ideas and learn how to develop a research project for a Social Sciences and Humanities topic (SSH). Become part of the remarkable community where researchers are empowered to pursue groundbreaking frontier projects that push the boundaries of knowledge.

This is an open event for all Social Sciences & Humanities audience, if you are interested in challenging yourself and discovering new paths, please contact us.



How to develop your research project idea?


Bâtiment IMAG

700 Avenue Centrale

38400 Saint-Martin-d’Hères

Tentative planning :

9h15-9h30: Tea/Coffee welcome

9h30-10h: Introduction by Fostering Science

10h-12h: How to translate ERC objectives, evaluation criteria & writing instructions to SSH jargon

12h-13h30: Interactive lunch


Please note that the workshop will be held in English.

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