Jérôme Boisbouvier


Host Institution : CNRS

Laboratory : IBS

Call for projects : Proof of Concept (LS1)

Name of the project : NMR-Bio – Commercialization and Dissemination of Innovative Isotopic Labelling Solutions and Services for  the NMR studies of Important Protein Targets

Amount : 0.15 M€

Description :

With the strong support of the ERC Starting Grant, our team has succeeded in developing a range of labelled precursors and kits for simple and efficient labelling of large proteins (up to 1 MDa size) for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) studies. With such cutting-edge technologies in hand, the PI’s team is able to investigate the mechanism of action of large and functional cellular machines using NMR spectroscopy. In addition, these cutting-edge labelling technologies provide exclusive dynamic and structural informations about interactions with physiological partners, leading to new interesting opportunities for pharmaceutical and biotechnological applications. This ERC-POC project aims at making available to both public and private researchers a unique set of “user-friendly” labelling kits for NMR studies, as well as our know how and expertise in labelling techniques and NMR spectroscopy, through a dual offer (innovative products and high value-added services) to meet the strong demand expressed in this domain. Proposed services will include the tailor-made production of labelled proteins and the NMR analysis of those proteins in the context of large interactions. The ERC-POC project should lead to the creation of a spin-off company, which will undertake the valorisation of these patented innovations, but also integrate the major achievements of the ERC Starting Grant program. Each major research discovery is developed (and will continue to be developed) as a potential market product or service using technology transfer grants provided by host institution, in order to feed the company pipeline for dissemination and commercialization. This project will thus ensure all the needed steps to succeed in this initiative by 1) allowing to communicate around the products and services, 2) conduct an essential market survey to define the company’s offer and 3) recruit the dedicated human resources to achieve the creation of the NMR-Bio company.

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